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Homeschooling Multiple Kids Can Sometimes Leave You Feeling Exasperated and Discouraged

If you're like most bright, creative homeschooling moms, you began the journey with high hopes and great expectations of what learning at home would look like. Homeschooling sounded like so much fun! It would be like playing school when you were a kid (only this time, you really would be the schoolteacher instead of playing make-believe).💕

You went to the local homeschool convention and brought home a tote bag (or rolling suitcase) full of crisp, shiny new curricula and workbooks. Shopping was so exciting, and over the summer, you scheduled detailed plans for teaching all the primary subjects that you learned in public or private school.

In late August or early September, you called your dutiful little kiddos to the table, and passed out the assignments. Things went well for a few weeks (maybe even until Christmas break), then reality began to sink in like a ton of heavy bricks. This wasn't fun AT ALL...this was hard work. Where was the joy you dreamed about?

Some days you felt like quitting.

Talk about a letdown! The kids never seemed to get all the work done that you'd planned. You were constantly being pulled in every direction by multiple kids with urgent needs. Unexpected distractions and family emergencies derailed your best-laid plans.

In the back of your mind, you wondered if you were being unrealistic.

The further into the homeschool year you got, the more frustrated and defeated you felt. This wasn't the way it was supposed to be...real-life homeschooling looked WAY different than you expected...

Where were those dreamy days of fun, creative inspiration and joyful learning?

I know exactly how you feel because I went through the same thing. In the course of normal life, I defaulted to what I already knew (the public school model), and I discovered that my real problem wasn't my kids or imperfect curricula.

No, the real obstacle keeping me from realizing my homeschooling dreams was ME (and what I thought school was supposed to look like). The tricky part was reconciling what I wanted to happen with what was actually happening in my home.

I promptly set out on a quest to figure out how to bring joy to our homeschool. I wanted my kids to LOVE learning so much that as adults, they'd be eager lifelong learners.

What I learned dramatically changed our homeschool.

What did I learn? I learned the definition of an educated child.

You see, for most of Western history, kids learned in small groups (or even one-on-one) from a master who taught them how to read, think, write, and speak. The master used classic literature like Homer's Iliad, and the apprentices learned using classical methods like narration, copywork, memorization, and recitation. (Think of how Jesus used the Old Testament scripture to teach his disciples...same concept).

I learned that this model of educating a child was effective for more than 3,000 years. Those old scholars had already solved my problem and answered my question of how to teach a child and what the end result should be...in short,

An educated child knows how to use his native language to reason critically so that he can communicate effectively.

So simple. Here's the secret sauce. If you want to raise an educated child (and who doesn't?), you've got to teach three skills to mastery :

  • language
  • logic
  • rhetoric

Once I realized what was keeping me from my happy ending, I promptly got to work and figured out how to fix my problem. Teaching skills is SO much easier than teaching subjects, and it provides the freedom to teach any content you want!

Adopting this old way of thinking about education is not hard at all. When you have the proper tools to measure progress, you can plan and teach from a place of rest and joy.

You can give your homeschool kids more than the same-old 'conveyor-belt, cookie-cutter' education, too. You can give them the intellectual tools to learn anything, and guess what will happen when you start teaching skills instead of subjects?

The joy of creative learning will return to your homeschool.

You have everything you need to create a vibrant, creative learning environment at home. All you need to do is reclaim your classical inheritance. Teach skills using classical methods during grades k-8 so you'll be ready for subjects during high school. Voila!

No more discouragement. No more self-doubt or criticism. No more guesswork!

If you've been feeling frustrated with your homeschool because there's not enough joy in learning, The Classical Scholar Bright Moms Community is just what you need. We're smart, creative women who want to raise kids who are eager to learn...well-rounded kids who are prepared to lead AND serve...to step into their own unique God-given mission. Come along, and let me introduce you to a few of my very good friends and tell you a little bit more about our community so you can decide if it's right for you.


Mom's Course is an online homeschooling community of bright, creative women who want to learn, plan, and teach with more creativity and purpose.

We Learn

The cornerstone of our Bright Mom's experience is Diane's Homeschool Planning Course. We learn about core values, planning tools, teaching strategies, and school records. Since we're all learning the same material, we share a common understanding and give dynamic feedback.

We Connect

Unlike the myth of the solitary creative genius, we've learned that the best innovations happen in community when like-minded, enthusiastic friends imagine lessons and brainstorm solutions together. That's why collaboration is so vital. We encourage. We challenge. We hold each other accountable for working the plan. It's like having your own cheer squad!

We Teach

After we gather our initial baseline measurements of what skills we need to teach, we each write a customized 12-15 week homeschool plan. Then we get cracking! It's fun and inspiring to see photos of each other's creative lesson plans and happy kids who love learning!

Meet Bright, Creative Moms Who Are Raising Smart Kids with Heart

"It's A-OK to have fun!"

When you're so focused on 3 skills of the trivium, you're able to do what your family loves and mix your lessons into that. A sharp focus keeps your teaching goals in the forefront of your own mind, so you recognize opportunities for your kids to learn, practice, and demonstrate mastery. Diane's Moms Course gives you the map, and supports you on the adventure!

~Alexis (mom of 2 boys + 1 girl)

"You've helped me annihilate the comparison culprit once and for all."

Diane, you taught me to see that my family's collective experiences were part of our own story, a story like no one else's. Over the years I've read a lot about not comparing homeschool and methods and so on, and it all made sense but the "culprit" would find a way to creep back in, somehow. But then you helped me walk through my story and see that what I thought were shortcomings and negative experiences were actually part of God's plan for my life to this point and beyond. It's the most liberating thing I've experienced in a long time! Thank you.

~Wendy (mom of 3 boys)

"I started homeschooling two years ago, but I didn't feel like a bright mom until now."

Every time hearing or reading the "bright moms like you" statement, I would ignore and think, "that doesn't fit me, but I am still going to finish this course!" I thought there was no way I was included in that scenario. I never wanted to be a homeschool mom, nor did I have any idea what I was doing! Now, after completing the third course and diving into lesson planning this week. I feel "bright"...like I was made to do this for my children. It is all coming together, and I am very energized to do this!! God has enabled me and given me grace for this challenge! Thanks again, Diane, you really are a blessing!

~Alicia (mom of 2 boys)

What You'll Learn...

The Classical Scholar Bright Moms Community will quickly become your favorite online destination for homeschool planning and classical teaching methods. Think of it as "continuing education" for moms...as you work your way through the lessons of Mom's Course, you'll clarify your family vision, measure your child's intellectual skills, and write responsive 15-week homeschool lesson plans. You'll learn the very best classical teaching methods so that...

You'll teach with more energy, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Who doesn't want to work smarter, not harder? Every semester as you return to record your child's progress towards skills mastery, you'll get better and better at homeschool planning and teaching. Plus as a lifetime member, you can come back and use the resources for every child. You're going to love your Bright Moms Community

Inspire your kids with fun, creative lessons, and say goodbye to boring, irrelevant homeschool curricula forever!

homeschool planning core values

Module # 1 - CORE VALUES

In your 1st class, Core Values, I’ll help you discover recurring themes in your personal history that point to your family's unique mission. After you write a laser-sharp mission statement, you'll teach with clear direction, purpose, and more energy. (7 lessons + worksheets)

* * *

➡Click here to preview the entire CORE VALUES Class Curriculum including behind-the-scenes access to lesson 1.6 (Bitter Disappointments) and 1.8 (Common Values).

homeschool planning tools


In your 2nd class, Planning Tools, I’ll teach you how to grade skills mastery and plan the next 15 week semester which means you’ll know exactly what homeschool curriculum you need so that you can save time, work smarter, and be more efficient. (14 lessons + worksheets)

➡Click here to preview the entire PLANNING TOOLS Class Curriculum including behind-the-scenes access to lesson 2.2 (Personality Dispositions) and 2.6 (Skills Mastery).

teaching strategies


In class #3, Teaching Strategies, I’ll show you how to use the best classical teaching methods, how to draft targeted lesson plans, and how to teach your child accountability for his work so that you can become a better, more effective teacher. (12 lessons + worksheets)

➡Click here to preview the entire TEACHING STRATEGIES Class Curriculum including behind-the-scenes access to lesson 3.2 (Socratic Dialogue) and 3.3 (Workflow).

“homeschool records


In your bonus class, School Records, I’ll show you how to get organized and prepare for the high school transcript. Start now for a portfolio that impresses every college admissions officer while giving you peace of mind, gratitude, and contentment. (12 lessons + worksheets)

➡Click here to preview the entire SCHOOL RECORDS Class Curriculum including behind-the-scenes access to lesson 4.2 (Grammar Card) and 4.6 (Progress Report).

Check Out These Sample Worksheets

Preview the Complete Curriculum

Looks Amazing, Right?

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What Else You'll Get...

When you join our Bright Moms Community, you'll get even more great feedback, advice, lesson plans, and the best part (in my opinion) is our annual live coaching call!


Schedule a personal coaching call with Diane to discuss your homeschooling plans and get valuable feedback.


Make friends with like-minded moms. Learn about favorite curriculum. Be inspired and encouraged!


Join Diane online as she shows you creative ways to teach specific skills using imaginative lesson plans.


Save money on our Carpe Diem Planners and accessories, Trivium Mastery, and other homeschooling resources.


Download the Excel worksheet that Diane used to prepare official high school transcripts, plus auto GPA calculation.


Download 50+ creative lesson plans that teach reading, thinking, writing, and speaking skills. No need for a supply list!

I feel like each of my bright moms and their kids are my family, too, so I pray for them...I adore catching up for a personal chat to discuss homeschool planning, curriculum choices, or any other parenting issues you want to discuss. I'm passionate about making your classical journey extraordinary!

"I love how you teach us to think skills instead of subjects."

What an eye opener and mind bender your homeschool planning workshop was! I can't wait to dive into the wealth of resources on your website and Mom's Course this summer as I continue to plan out our next school year! If I could give a word of advice to other homeschooling moms...gather all your friends, and host an amazing homeschooling planning workshops with Diane! I find myself incorporating your words and instruction all the time. :-)

~Hosanna (mom of 2 boys and 2 girls)

Frequently Asked Questions

When does Mom's Course start and finish?
Mom's Course starts now and never ends! Begin whenever you're ready ... it's a completely self-paced online course. You decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does LIFETIME membership sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own. Keep coming back as often as you like until your last child graduates!
What if I am unhappy with the course?
I'm so persuaded of the incredible value of Mom's Course that I'm taking on all the risk. If you show up and do the work, your life will be changed; however, if you're not completely satisfied, let me know within the first 30 days. I'll give you back every single penny. And of course, we can still be friends! :-)
How long will it take me to complete this course?
You can access your course 24/7 wherever you have an internet connection. You can do it at your own pace...all 46 lessons in one week while the kids are on vacation, or spread it out over a couple of months for a more leisurely experience. I encourage you to come back year after year, semester after semester to keep learning and growing.
How much time does it take to do a lesson?
You're busy...I get this, so my goal is to make your learning experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. Each of the video and audio lessons is short, averaging 10-15 minutes, and can be played on your computer or downloaded to your tablet, smartphone, or mp3 player for learning on the go.
Why are there companion worksheets?
One classical teaching principle you'll learn is called "absorb-do-connect," an active discovery method that allows you to take action right away with the new material you've learned. The worksheets help you stay on track and create results while documenting your work for your homeschool planning notebook.
Is this course taught from a Christian worldview?
Yes, my relationship with the Living God informs all of my teaching; there are lots of references to faith in my courses.
What happens after I join?
As soon as you register for Mom's Course, you'll get access to your private online member's area and instructions for getting started. You'll also receive your first of 30 email challenges with bite-sized goals to jump-start your learning and quickly immerse you in the course.
What happens after the 30 Day Challenge?
After your first run through the classes, you are welcome to go back and dig deeper. With lifetime access, you can take your time to really soak it all up as often as you like.
What if I can't do the 30DC because of prior commitments?
No worries! You'll still get all the emails, and you can save them in a folder to do later when you have time. I'll still be there to coach you! Plus, there are links to all 30 of the emails in your private facebook group in case you want to do it all again later as an annual homeschool planning refresher.
What if I can't make the live online coaching workshops?
No problem...every call is recorded and archived so that you can catch it when it's convenient for your schedule.
How do I get to know like-minded moms?
In your welcome links, you'll receive details for joining our private facebook group where you can post questions, share teaching ideas, and support each other. You'll love the generosity, encouragement, and accountability you experience in this community!
Can I talk with you personally about my kids?
Yes, I want to get to know your family! Mom's Course is a group coaching community; I read and respond to every comment, every email, and every facebook post. I tackle your questions during the live monthly workshops, I pray for your family, and I'm eager to chat with you about your homeschooling challenges! Plus after you've been through the course materials once, we'll schedule your annual one-on-one coaching call which is included in your membership. (Note: annual coaching call is for SILVER and GOLD members ).
Why is Mom's Course so effective?
The Classical Scholar Mom's Course is not some trendy one-size-fits-all homeschool curriculum. You'll learn timeless, proven teaching strategies that help you raise kids who know HOW to think, not just WHAT to think. I'll show you how to teach the three essential skills of an educated child so that your kid can learn anything.
What age children does Mom's Course cover?
Kids begin learning the skills from birth, and Mom's Course gives you strategies for teaching skills through 12th grade.
How long can I be a member?
When you join Mom's Course, you become a lifetime member. Your homeschool coaching materials are yours forever. Plus you can come back every semester to plan for every child for free. Yes, really.
Who is Mom's Course for?
We welcome all moms to our community, but here's a list of adjectives to help you decide whether it fits your personality or not (creative, dynamic, playful, informed, crafty, imaginative, web-savvy, optimistic, enthusiastic, spontaneous, & flexible). If you like structure, but don't mind following 'rabbit trails' if the situation inspires, then you'll fit right in. Our moms have traditional values, and they feel strongly about loving neighbor and loving God. They see their children as gifts and themselves as stewards (think Luke Skywalker & Yoda), and they're enthusiastic about equipping their kids to find their own unique calling. :-) In short, our bright moms want to raise kids with "head and heart."

Your Coach

Diane Lockman
Diane Lockman

If you want motivated, self-directed kids, then homeschool mentor Diane Lockman’s simple approach to classical education is just what you need. She shows you how to make learning relevant, measurable, and achievable as you teach your kids to read, think, write, and speak about life’s most meaningful ideas.

In addition to her popular podcast, Diane serves families through two online communities: Bright Moms, a group coaching course that takes the guesswork out of planning and teaching and Classical Scholar Academy where she uses classical methods to teach writing, literature, and history to 7th-12th graders. 💕

Courses Included with Purchase

Core Values
Learn How to Write a Strategic Family Mission Statement
Diane Lockman
Planning Tools
Measure Academic Skills & Plan Creative Learning Units
Diane Lockman
Teaching Strategies
Learn How to Become a Better Homeschool Teacher
Diane Lockman
Homeschool Records
Learn What Records to Keep for the High School Transcript
Diane Lockman
Homeschool Workshops
Write Homeschool Lessons that Teach Classical Skills
Diane Lockman

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"The freedom of authentic classical education is exhilarating!"

We have tried many methods over the years and have ended up very eclectic but still wasting so much time and energy. My husband and I were raised in public schools, and breaking that mindset has been hard to say the least. I think the one thing we missed that would have brought us to this philosophy sooner is evaluating our "core values" and writing our our "goals" before every year. Somewhere along the way our philosophy turned into just getting through each year and I do believe it was because we did not put enough importance into the task of "what do you want to accomplish this year, and how do you want to get there?" I've made some strides today in breaking out of the "subject" mind set and starting to see how I won't have to plan every single day ever again...I'm so excited! Thank you Diane!

~Jill (mom of 2 - a son and daughter)

This course is not open for enrollment.